The William Warren Group self storage acquisitions and strategy

Self Storage Acquisitions

The self storage industry is a highly fragmented industry with the top five publicly traded companies owning approximately 10% of the total market. This fragmented ownership provides an opportunity for our well-funded entrepreneurial firm to grow by seeking out self storage acquisition property candidates within markets where we already have an operating presence.

The William Warren Group acquires new properties under its self storage acquisition and property management entity, William Warren Properties (WWP). WWP is a real estate investment firm specializing in the acquisition of high quality self storage properties with the potential for economic growth and capital appreciation.

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Our Strategy

Our self storage acquisition strategy is to add assets in the major metro markets of the US where we currently have an operating presence, or in new markets where we believe we can assemble multiple locations within a few years’ timeframe, in order to take advantage of multiple economies of scale that can be achieved by bundling assets.

The WWP self storage acquisition team identifies potential opportunities, and reviews the financial performance of an asset as well as the strength of the specific market to determine a property’s value. Upon closing the transaction, the property is flagged under the Company’s operating trade name, StorQuest Self Storage, and turned over to the William Warren Properties’ operations team.

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