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Our investment strategy is to acquire or build assets within the major metro markets of the United States, where our operations team already has an operating presence, or to enter a new market where we believe we can own multiple properties within a few years’ time frame.

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Our Strategy

By clustering assets, we are able to achieve numerous operating economies of scale that are not available to the individual property owners, and drive the economic yield of our portfolio. We are committed to devoting our energy and focus to properties that we believe offer significant cash flow, revenue growth and capital appreciation opportunities over a long term holding period.

At The William Warren Group, Inc. we have always held a long-term investment philosophy. We look for cash flow opportunities that will provide a steady risk-adjusted income stream. We do not intend to buy or develop properties with the intent to quickly flip them for a profit. Our investors appreciate quarterly cash flow and use these investments for the income component of their overall investment portfolio. By focusing on growing net operating income over the long term, the value of the assets will rise over time. Our investments should be considered part of a buy and hold strategy for income and long term capital appreciation.