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Saving Money on Self Storage



By Paul 

March 26, 2014 

High Demand for Self Storage 

Self storage might initially look like a one-time requirement, but the fact that there are more than 48,500 primary and 4,000 secondary self-storage facilities in the U.S. indicates a high, and a frequent, demand for outdoor storage facilities. The Self Storage Association points out in the 2013-2014 self-storage industry fact sheet that the occupancy rates for the facilities increased from 83.6% in 2012 to 87.4% in 2013. 

Real estate and private companies have realized the notion of high demand and have made efforts to expand in Colorado and other states within the U.S. An example comes in the form of WWG (William Warren Group Inc.) that recently acquired a self-storage base in Aurora, and only after a few days, opened up a new facility in Denver. 

There is also a solar power facility by the name Greenbox in the Denver area that generates 75,000 kW power annually; the storage unit is also making attempts to be LEED Silver certified, a certification given to facilities that have been made with recycled materials. This unit also saves around 179,000 CO2 pounds per year. mentions that consumers have the will to pay extra for environmental-friendly facilities. 

One of the prime reasons why the demand for self storage is on the rise is that the facilities allow you to save money. Whether you’re using them when going away on vacations, to avoid cluttering up your garage or as a temporary closet for your home furniture, there are ways to be frugal with the whole process. 

Tips to be frugal with self storage facilities… 

1. Sell or giveaway unnecessary items 

If there are items in good condition that you no longer wish to keep, it’s better to sell them off or donate them to a charitable organization. This will reduce the facility space 

requirements and the associated rent, and you may also be able to apply for tax deduction in the case of donation. 

How do you define unnecessary items? If you haven’t used something for several months or have forgotten that you own it… it’s good to go. 

2. Search for special rates and promotions 

Self-storage is growing as a competitive industry and in order to stand out, storage unit facility companies offer discount and promos such as price cuts on a certain amount of rent space or no rent for the first month. 

A look at self storage Denver facilities on shows different rates for internet consumers and on-site consumers. One of the facilities is even accompanied by the first-month free promotional offer. This also gives an indication that it’s viable to use the web to search for coupons and discounts. 

3. Be careful with packing and loading 

There’s a difference between how you’re going to pack essential items and how a seasoned professional will go about doing it. This can be seen in the case of homeowners shifting to another locality: the difference between effective utilization of space makes it evident. 

Therefore, you need to be efficient when packing items for the storage unit and loading up the facility. 

4. Share if you require more space 

It might be the case that one of your peers and relatives is also looking to rent a self-storage facility. Feel free to ask him or her to share space with you because most facility companies offer a better deal on a bigger lease. 

Not only are you able to rent a larger facility at a lower rent combined, you may also be able to use some of the partner’s space, especially when it’s someone from the family or a close friend. 

5. Compare the rent 

Though the occupancies at units nationwide are on the rise and rates are 2% to 4% up from the standard prices, you can still use comparison tools to search for a better deal. 

Some sites allow you to search for promotions and discounts and even compare facility rates based on ZIP codes. So by comparing two or more facilities in a particular area, you can make an informed decision. 

6. Cut down on amenities 

Amenities also play a major role in determining the rates of storage facilities. Units accompanied by climate control, security PIN code and AC units are likely to be more expensive than units without these amenities. 

In terms of balancing your budget, choose units without amenities wherever possible. For example, you may need climate control for storing perishable items, but for kids’ outdoor toys, a bare bones facility will work just as fine. 

At the end of the day, you can take one or a combination of these measures to save money whenever you require external space. 

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